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An Unmatched Level of Security

As utilities rise to the complex challenges associated with increased digitalization and automation of the grid, so do their needs for robust protection and defense against increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity risks. Through its legacy of supporting critical infrastructure all over the world, Landis+Gyr’s offering includes the most advanced cybersecurity capabilities on the market, harnessed from its portfolio of customers and unmatched suite of cutting-edge technology over the years.​

Landis+Gyr’s multifunctional Gridstream® Connect solution brings enhanced security to meters, energy management, and distribution automation, supporting comprehensive network encryption and hardware solutions. This end-to-end offering has solidified Landis+Gyr’s position as the premier provider of security solutions for smart grid systems.

Through our acquisition of leading German cybersecurity start-up Rhebo in January 2021, Landis+Gyr occupies a unique position to support threat and anomaly detection at the grid edge from the initial cyber risk analysis to cybersecurity operations.​

Landis+Gyr’s tie-up with Rhebo represents the perfect marriage of our respective pools of expertise, offering our customers not just protection of their assets but also extending and applying those same capabilities. Rhebo’s status as the only vendor-independent cybersecurity firm supporting energy and industrial customers offers a strong footing in Europe that encompasses major markets including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, covering over 30% of the German distribution system operators market.


By developing a best-in-class security solution that focuses on industry-driven standards, open non-proprietary standards, and FIPS-validated cryptography, Landis+Gyr is able to provide the necessary confidence that data security and critical infrastructure are secure , and electric service is protected.

Landis+Gyr’s co-innovation partnership with Google also has the potential to break new ground when combined with Landis+Gyr’s cybersecurity solution, fostering new levels of R&D in this space and helping to shape the industry in response to increasing threats.

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Open Secure

​The unmatched levels of security for Landis+Gyr’s AMI portfolio translate into additional benefits that utilities can offer consumers, responding to increased awareness and vigilance of the public around data protection.

Gridstream® Connect, Landis+Gyr’s utility IoT networking solution, brings together hardware, software, and applications to provide a flexible network, scalable for future technology integration to fully leverage grid intelligence, edge-to-edge.

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Rhebo provides cybersecurity solutions for Operational Technology (OT) and IoT networks in industry and critical infrastructure enabling anomaly and threat detection down to the grid edge.

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