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Landis+Gyr E230

Landis+Gyr offer a comprehensive range of polyphase metering solutions. Products are available for both BS and DIN terminal configuration. The meters can be sealed for life and functionality is available for single-tariff and multi-tariff installations. Přečtěte si více

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The Landis+Gyr E230 polyphase meter is a whole current credit meter capable of measuring Active and Reactive energy consumption in primarily 3 phase 4 wire networks. The meter can be configured to work in any of the following configurations;
• 3 phase 4 wire
• 3 phase 3 wire
• 2 phase 4 wire
• Single phase 2 wire

Custom configuration options control which registers and parameters that are shown on the display. The meters are factory configured to the utility company’s specification.


  • PolyPhase credit meter with direct connection
  • Time of Use (ToU) function
  • BS version
  • Up to 4 rates
  • Active and Reactive energy measurement
  • Inductive Serial Data Port
  • No Power Read (NPR)
  • Maximum Demand
  • Pulse Outputs
  • Relay Outputs
  • Magnetic Immunity
  • Standard and extended terminal covers available
  • Evropa, Střední Východ a Afrika