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Landis+Gyr AIM

Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream smart metering solution is designed to simplify the way energy companies collect and manage their metering data. Přečtěte si více

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Landis+Gyr AIM – the proven smart metering software

Landis+Gyr AIM’s Gridstream Connect solution is designed to simplify the way energy companies collect and manager their metering data. It includes smart meters, versatile communication options, advanced software and comperehensive services. AIM is LandisGyr’s smart metering system that provides data management capabilities, task flow enginer and validation beyond basic head end system functions. It’s capable of efficient multi-energy metering. With a single, integrated smart metering software the utility can manage its AMM infrastructure, enhance its business processes and support the network management operations.

Based on openness and modularity, Landis+Gyr AIM is designed for the ever-changing energy market to help energy companies collect and manage their metering data efficiently, process it in a flexible manner and transfer information between various parties effortlessly. It offers a single source for metering data that can then be transferred to other systems. The architecture of Landis+Gyr AIM ensures a high level of openness and interoperability across multi-utility infrastructures and enables bi-directional communication with other manufacturers’ hardware and software platforms. Thus, Landis+Gyr AIM also enables flexible integration to other systems. Landis+Gyr AIM offers a comprehensive range of value-adding applications for, e.g. deployment and reporting.

Landis+Gyr AIM has proven its reliability and scalability in smart metering operation during the past decades. Today, the software runs over 2 million metering points in EMEA.


Efficient smart metering data collection and control

  • Actual consumption and power quality information
  • Remote controls

Metering Data Management

  • Data storage, validation and unification

Manages smart metering tasks automatically and on-demand

  • Automated processes
  • Advanced data processing options

Flexible data formats, easy integrations

  • Proprietary interfaces and industry standard IEC61968-9

“AIM14 is the latest available version of this software.”

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