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Significant Reduction in Landis+Gyr’s Carbon Footprint

Significant Reduction in Landis+Gyr’s Carbon Footprint

Landis+Gyr is a sustainable and environmentally conscious corporation. In 2008 the company reduced its carbon emissions by 3%, down 1,200 metric tons from a total of 40,400 to 39,200 t, whilst sales increased 11%. This has been the result of Landis+Gyr proactively seeking ways to reduce its carbon footprint and pursue sustainable activities and processes.

In 2007 Landis+Gyr commissioned a carbon footprint report. This followed the guidelines of the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standards. It considered three “scopes” of carbon emissions: direct, indirect due to purchased energy, and indirect from other sources such as air travel.

The summary of this exercise was that Landis+Gyr produced 40,400 t of CO2. Of these 68%, or 27,800 t, comes from electricity consumption, 14% from air travel and 12% from road travel. Only air travel was considered for scope three. Throughout 2008 Landis+Gyr monitored its emissions and encouraged a number of initiatives to reduce this amount. At the end of the year the Company had successfully reduced its emissions by 3%, a total reduction of 1,200 t This mainly came from reduction of electricity we purchased ourselves for manufacturing. Through energy audits we were able to pinpoint areas where energy efficiency could be improved, such as leaving lights on, cooling rooms too much, etc., and take corrective action. This activity is ongoing, with quarterly reporting and monitoring, with yearly aggregates produced. 2008 was the first full year of continuous monitoring. What highlights Landis+Gyr’s commitment to being an environmentally sustainable company is that this reduction was achieved at the same time as sales increased by 11%. This is a noteworthy achievement. The ultimate goal of this carbon footprint monitoring and reduction program is for Landis+Gyr to be a sustainable and environmentally conscious corporation, for its customers, current and future shareholders, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Most companies that report their GHG emissions produce significantly higher amounts than Landis+Gyr. The original 2007 carbon footprint was benchmarked against four major corporations in the electronics and related industries. It showed that the company performs better than average in terms of carbon emissions per unit of turnover, and best in terms of emissions per employee.

One hugely significant phase that helped drive this entire project was the installation of our own Smart Meters in each and every building throughtout the world. This information is then sent to a central repository where it can be measured and analyzed. This is exactly what we suggest to our customers, and demonstrates the benefits of using Smart Metering for this very purpose.

Landis+Gyr will continue to drive this initiative, to make it more thorough and precise. It is through such programs we lead by example regarding managing energy better.

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