Norwegian Kragerø Energi chooses Landis+Gyr AIM

”We studied carefully various solutions in the metering market and discussed with some other grid companies. The conclusion of many discussions and of our own experience was that Landis+Gyr Enermet is the best possible partner to answer our needs, requirements and expectations,” says Jon Arne Mørch Jonassen, the administrative director at Kragerø Energi.

The most important criteria for Kragerø Energi has been the cost efficiency, which in their case means a solution with more than one type of communications. Jonasse explains: ”We have our grid on both rural and city areas, and that's why we want to combine high voltage, low voltage and point-to-point communications. This optimizes our costs on investments and maintenance”.

The project will be carried out according to the plan by Kragerø Energi's own electricians with project management from Landis+Gyr Enermet. ”We have unlimited resources of our own, so after the metering system has been installed, the infrastructure is important”, Jonassen points out. ”After that we can carry through additional subprojects besides the main project. Our goal is to ensure efficient communications to all our customers as soon as possible.”

By investing in advanced metering, Kragerø Energi expects to improve the efficiency of its processes and the value chain. The recourses from manual processes will be set free for a better customer service. The utility appreciates Landis+Gyr Enermet's wide experience in advanced metering solutions. ”We know they have a system that works just fine. We are also looking forward to a profound and comprehensive guidance in order to enable us to take the most of our new system.”

Jon Arne Mørch Jonassen finds Landis+Gyr Enermet as reliable partner in the future of Kragerø Energi's needs as well. ”Investing in a new metering system is not the end of the development in this business, and we intend to choose a dynamic provider in the years to come, too.”

Mr. Jon Arne Mørch Jonassen, Kragerø Energi, +47 35984811.
Mr. Tom Aage Gustavsen, Landis+Gyr Enermet, +47 66983950.

Kragerø Energi is a local utility of 8700 customers in the municipality of Kragerø in South-eastern of Norway. It is also the main provider of ITC-services in the area.

Landis+Gyr Enermet is the market leader in advanced metering and load management solutions for the energy industry. Our solid end-to-end solutions offer complete functionality and improved efficiency for energy company’s processes in the metering value chain. Our extensive portfolio of electricity, heat and gas meters as well as load management products offers market’s best quality, precision and reliability. Landis+Gyr Enermet is part of Bayard Group; companies providing cutting-edge solutions for smart metering.,