Letter from the Editor

Next, we’ve partnered with SAP to develop a state-of-the-art meter data unification and synchronization system, MDUS for SAP. This will bring you dozens of benefits, including the ability to deliver a new level of transparency and increase the availability of energy data.

We’re also contributing to open standards development. We firmly believe that the key to the future lies in establishing industry standards that are recognized by all players. For this reason, we’re working with partners to define future PLC technology.

Furthermore, we’ve pioneered products that are bang on trend and will remain strong going forward: our new residential meter, E350, helps you achieve market and regulatory compliance while also keeping your customers happy. What’s more, the multi-energy E35C module is not only interoperable but can also be linked up with the personal energy management device, the ecoMeter.

We’ve also released the latest version of our AMM system, AIM 4.0, which focuses on enhanced interoperability and integrations. This means we’re delivering you with the ability to work with industry partners and at the same time enjoy a system that offers user friendliness, flexibility and scalability.

Finally, noting upcoming changes to the regulatory landscape, we want to provide you with ways in which to maximize your investment in AMM. In order to inspire thought, we’re eager to tell you about our analysis capability that will help you assess what you need to do in order to stay ahead in today’s highly competitive environment.

Let us help you to manage energy better.

Antti Aumo
Vice President Marketing Communications EMEA