Keeping you on the pulse

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The new M-Bus module provides different data frames, meaning that in addition to the compatibility frame on the current M-Bus module, the user can create a user-defined data frame. From this they can select their individual data and transfer these via M-Bus to the M-Bus Master.

It is also possible to use the pulse inputs without M-Bus communication, whereby the pulse counter is displayed on the LCD screen of the UH50 meter. The pulse inputs can be used for cold and warm water meters, and the meter number, pulse significance and initial counter reading can be easily entered with the software PappaWin.

Other features of the new M-Bus module with pulse inputs include:

  • Physical read out at the meter is no longer necessary
  • Extension of value storage capacity on the UH50 from 18 to 60 month values
  • The radio module from the ULTRAHEAT 2WR5 is now available for the ULTRAHEAT UH50

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