AIM 4.0 brings you enhanced interoperability and integrations

AIM 4.0 supports the DLMS standard protocol and PLAN PLC technology, widening the system’s device portfolio. The use of open standards ensures a future proof platform for interoperability and freedom of choice for utilities. Open systems secure a utility’s investment in large scale solutions and enable communication between different industry partners.

Usability and user friendliness, flexibility and scalability have been developed throughout AIM 4.0. These improvements are realized in applications such as the Site Manager deployment, which includes new features that will make deployment planning and working in the field easier, thereby increasing efficiency. Deployment efficiency plays a key role in AMM implementation as it helps you save resources.

AIM 4.0 also introduces a new system monitoring tool, InSight, which monitors system performance and processes. It gives a higher level view of system activities providing information on data availability, communications quality and AMR system status in a visual and easy-to-use way. Straight-forward and quick access to the latest monitoring data helps you manage the whole metering value chain better.

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